Fundamental machinery in our production process through which the various components of our Big Bags are cut from the reels of cloth.

Straps machine

Through this machinery, the rolls of belts are cut and welded to measure according to the size and capacity of the big bags. The slots, whose diameter is set according to the customer's needs, are welded on themselves in order to guarantee the greatest resistance.


From the sewing of the outlets, of the cylinders to the final assembly of the big bag and the application of the lifting straps, our Big Bags are sewn entirely by hand by expert seamstresses who take care of every detail. The yarn, wick, tape and anti-dust are combined according to the types of bags and the goods that will be inserted.

Liner preformer machine

The liner, or lining, is inserted inside the Big Bags in order to isolate the contents from the bag itself. The liner can have different weights, from the lightest with a weight of 40 microns to the heaviest from 80-100 microns. The liner can be simply inserted into the big bag or, sewn, glued or shaped. In the case of shaping, a preforming machine is used which welds the extra liner points giving it a "swan neck" shape.

Packing and shipping

Each bag is folded and passed on luminous tables to check its quality, then it is inserted into presses and finally packed and shipped. Our employees make sure that each pallet is sealed and packaged correctly in order to ensure the integrity of our products.