Loading systems

Candy loading

It provides a wide opening and adaptable to any method of inserting the goods and allows the total closure of the big bag.

Open load

Big bag with open load without the possibility of top closure.

Loading spout

Cylinder with a diameter from 25cm to 60cm that allows precise filling and allows the closure of the big bag.

Unloading systems

Closed bottom

Big bag with totally closed lower part, unloading is not possible.

Unloading spout

Cylinder with a diameter from 25cm to 60cm that allows the partial or total unload of the contents.

Double unloading spout

Double spout that allows the partial discharge of the contents and the protection of the main spout. Possibility double locking.

Candy unload

It provides the total opening of the bottom of the bag and a quick unloading of the contents.

Lifting systems

Our Big Bags are equipped with 4 straps that allow the lifting of the bag and the handling through a wall. The standard buttonhole is 30cm but can be customized in length according to the customer's needs.


Our Big Bags are sewn entirely by hand in each component.

Standard stitching

The seams are made with 5000 denier polypropylene yarn.

Dustproof stitching

Dustproofing consists in adding an extra seam by applying a tape along the entire perimeter of the bag in order to prevent the escape of dusty material.


The liner consists of a polyethylene lining that is inserted inside the big bag in order to isolate the contents. This lining can be preformed, glued or simply inserted. The thickness in microns can vary according to needs.


Normal or filter fabric

165 gr/m2 in polypropylene.

Polythene fabric

165 + 30 gr/m2 in polypropylene with polyethylene lamination layer.

Polythene/laminated fabric

Lightweight poly-coated fabric used for loading and unloading systems.

Conductive canvas

180 + 30 gr/m2 polythene cloth with inside polythene carbon fibers that allow the electric discharge.

S.W.L. range

Our Big Bags range from a minimum capacity of 500kg up to a maximum of 1500kg.

Safety factor


Disposable big bag. It is tested to support a maximum of 5 times the indicated range.


Reusable big bag. It is tested to support up to 6 times the indicated range.